55 minutes | Aug 17, 2018

Using Grassfed Animals for Desert Greening (Success Story) • Allan Savory

Ecologist, President and Co-Founder of Savory Institute, Allan Savory, is today’s guest interview. Allan shares with us how using grazing animals can help reverse desertification of land. He explains how man-made desserts occur and why the current paradigm to fix it doesn’t work. We then find out how holistic management and grazing are essential in rejuvenating the land. We also go into discussing the common debates around methane gas, sequestration of carbon, veganism and climate change as well as feedlots, problems in agriculture management, changing policy and what we can do as consumers. Go to the show notes for episode 63 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep63-allan-savory/ for more links & highlights

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