95 minutes | Sep 7, 2018

Paleo-Ketogenic Diet Benefits (+Advanced Tips) • Dr Zsófia Clemens

Neurobiologist, clinical researcher and head of Paleomedicina research group, Dr Zsofia Clemens, is today's guest interview. Zsofia shares with us how the Palaeolithic-Ketogenic diet (PKD) is helping people cure various diseases. She helps to explain what the PKD is and how it is different from the classical ketogenic approach. We then find out about why we shouldn't consume dairy or MCT (and other plant) oils, the correct fat-protein ratio and the importance of including organ meat. We also go into discussing healing intestinal permeability and autoimmune disease, type one diabetes (+ other illnesses and conditions), bowel health, blood glucose and ketone measurements, cramping, coffee polyphenols, salt, fasting, vitamins and minerals. Go to the show notes for episode 66 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep66-dr-zsofia-clemens/ for more links & highlights.

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