54 minutes | Jun 15, 2018

Is the Low Carb Diet Good for Athletes? • Dr Peter Bruckner

Australian sports medicine physician & Professor of Sport Medicine, Dr Peter Brukner, is today’s guest interview. Peter shares with us how the low-carb diet is sustainable for better long-term metabolic health for both elite athletes and recreationalist. He helps to explain why everything we were taught to believe about current dietary guidelines was wrong and the link of the high sugar diet to current epidemics of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We then find out about low-carb, healthy fat benefits, the advantages and challenges of using fat for fuel and using the hybrid approach. We also go into discussing skin folds, recovery, cramping, sponsorships and more. Go to the show notes for episode 54 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep54-dr-peter-brukner/ for more links & highlights.

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