55 minutes | Oct 4, 2017

Insomnia vs Night Owl Syndrome (Best Ways to Fix Poor Sleep) • Lois Maharg

Insomnia research journalist, Lois Maharg, is today's guest interview. Lois wrote the book title: "The Savvy Insomniac" & shares with us lots fo useful details about the sleep disorder called insomnia. She helps to explain the common symptoms, causes, how to diagnose it and best way to treat insomnia. We also go into the difference between insomnia vs sleep apnea & insomnia vs delayed sleep phase syndrome (a.k.a night owl syndrome or circadian rhythm sleep disorder). We then find out about some of the mistakes people might do to try help fall asleep like taking sleeping pills, melatonin tablets for the wrong sleep disorder or using alcohol. Go to the show notes for episode 28 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep28-lois-maharg/ for more links & highlights.

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