54 minutes | Jan 16, 2018

How Does Neurofeedback Training Work? • Dr Freddy Starr

Neurofeedback expert and psychiatrist, Dr Freddy Starr, is today's guest interview. Dr Starr shares with us the basics of how brain waves work and how neurofeedback training works to improve our brain wave activity. He helps to explain the history behind neurofeedback biofeedback brain training. We also go into who would benefit from using neurofeedback and how long does it take to get a result. We then find out about some of the interesting case studies Dr Starr has seen using neurofeedback and even talk about optimal diet for the brain, supplements and more. Go to the show notes for episode 32 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep32-dr-freddy-starr/ for more links & highlights.

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