46 minutes | Jan 21, 2018

Health Benefits of Drinking Exogenous Ketone Esters • Dr Brianna Stubbs

Ketone research expert, Dr Brianna Stubbs, is today's guest interview. Brianna shares with us the the exciting news of the public commercial release of the exogenous ketone ester she has been researching for years. She helps to explain what the benefits of ketones esters are for athletic performance and when else could you drink the exogenous ketone ester. We also go into discussing other possible applications like traumatic brain injury recovery, cognitive enhancement and more. We then find out about some of the risks to watch out for and the guidance on how much to drink. Go to the show notes for episode 33 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep33-dr-brianna-stubbs/ for more links & highlights.

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