57 minutes | Feb 4, 2019

Frank Tufano Raw Carnivore Diet Experience (+ Health Tips)

A raw carnivore and nutrient-dense animal food advocate, Frank Tufano, is today’s guest interview. He shares what he considers to be the healthiest diet. We then find out why we should aim to eat animal foods with high nutrient density foods in the same vein as our ancestors. We also go into discussing issues with the carnivore diet, avoiding inflammatory omega-6 meat products, commercially raised vs grass-fed, raw vs cooked, nutrient density of organ meats and fat, seafood diets, cholesterol, glucose, D3 deficiency and of course ancestral/indigenous diets. Go to the show notes for episode 82 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep82-frank-tufano/ for more links & highlights.

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