57 minutes | Jul 20th 2018

Biohacking Guide for Beginners (by a MD) • Dr John Limansky

The keto hacking MD & US board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr John Limansky, is today’s guest interview. John shares with us some cheap and easy biohacks that anyone can do to improve their wellbeing. He helps to explain why medical studies don't necessarily apply to the individual and how our specific genetic and metabolic make-up can affect the reponse. We then find out about his recommended self-experimentation and simple hacks, such as, getting our nutrition right, exercise, and sleep. We also go into discussing should we take supplements, mitochondrial health, meditation, sauna, cryotherapy and stacking hacks for maximum results. Go to the show notes for episode 59 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep59-dr-john-limansky/ for more links & highlights.

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