66 minutes | Mar 26, 2018

Best Diet for Insulin Resistance (+ Extra Tips) • Dr Benjamin Bikman

Scientist & expert on metabolic disorders, Dr Benjamin Bikman, is today’s guest interview. Ben shares with us the basics on insulin and why it matters. He helps to explain how insulin resistance works, how we can test for it and what early symptoms to watch out for. We then find out how we can make sure our insulin stays at (or returns to) a healthy level using the right diet, sleep and exercise. We also go into discussing why normal sugar levels aren’t necessarily a good indicator of normal insulin levels, how restrictive eating can help normalise insulin levels and how best to approach supplements when it comes to insulin. Go to the show notes for episode 42 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep42-dr-benjamin-bikman/ for more links & highlights.

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