59 minutes | Jul 12, 2017

Benefits of a Ketone Breath Meter (Ketonix Founder) • Michel Lundell

Breath ketone meter expert & Ketonix founder, Michel Lundell, is today's guest interview. Michel shares some of the reasons why he feels testing acetone levels in the breath are better than blood levels of ketones. He helps to explain the reasons why and what he has discovered with all his testing to see what food, drink and even ketone supplements do to his ketosis levels. We also go into his personal health story of treating his epilepsy and now no longer needing medications. We also get into how to use a Ketonix properly and mention a positive brain cancer treatment story with the help of a Ketonix. Go to the show notes for episode 14 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep14-michel-lundell/ for more links & highlights.

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