48 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

Meet the Experts - Zach DuFran, moth expert

In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, BioBlitz! OK co-coordinator, Priscilla Crawford, chats with Zach DuFran who has been our moth expert for the past couple years at BioBlitz! OK.  Zach is our first podcast guest that is one of our amateur experts – meaning his day job is something totally different from biology!  The term amateur in no way negatively reflects his expertise.  In fact, he has become one of the most knowledgeable moth biologists in the state.  Join us as we talk about his self-taught journey to learning all about moths and seeing nearly 1000 moth species in Oklahoma.  You can follow Zach @zdufran on Instagram, iNaturalist, or Flickr.  We highly encourage you to attend one of his public moth nights when it warms up again! You can stay up to date on BioBlitz! OK and our podcast at: Facebook page – BioBlitz! Oklahoma Twitter @okbioblitz Website: https://biosurvey.ou.edu/bioblitzok/ 
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