34 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

Ask the Experts - Winter Holiday Botany with Adam Ryburn

This is our first "ASK THE EXPERT" episode of our BioBlitz! Oklahoma podcast.  Priscilla Crawford and Angelina Stancampiano, BioBlitz! Oklahoma Co-coordinators, chat with botanist Adam Ryburn, professor at Oklahoma City University.  How does mistletoe get up into trees?  Are all evergreens conifers?  What do plants have to do with the three wise men?  We talk about holiday traditions around some of our native and non-native plants and  discuss the biology, ecology, and cultural history of a wide variety of flowering and cone-bearing plants. We encourage you to learn more about Oklahoma's trees with the Forest Trees of Oklahoma book from Oklahoma Forestry services - only $8!  https://forestry.ok.gov/store We would love to explore your questions on future ASK the Experts episodes!  You can send your questions to us as a Facebook message, a tweet, or simply email to: prill@ou.edu.  Facebook page – BioBlitz! Oklahoma Twitter @okbioblitz Website: https://biosurvey.ou.edu/bioblitzok/ This podcast is a project of BioBlitz! Oklahoma, an outreach program of the Oklahoma Biological Survey at the University of Oklahoma. Happy Holidays! We hope you celebrate with time outside exploring Oklahoma's amazing biodiversity.  Remember, you can find biodiversity right outside your door.   
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