17 minutes | Nov 21, 2020

WORST Advice for Overcoming Binge Eating

I come across a LOT of bad advice relating to overcoming binge eating. In this episode I'll share the dodgy advice I hear most frequently, so you can watch out for it, and put it in your mental trash can!Interesting Publication on 24hr fasting & bulimia: Fasting Increases Risk for Onset of Binge Eating and Bulimic Pathology: A 5-Year Prospective Study (nih.gov)Disordered Eating & Dieting (National Eating Disorder Collaboration, Australia): Disordered Eating & Dieting (nedc.com.au)Observer Effect: Observer Effect - SAGE Research Methods (sagepub.com)Does MyFitnessPal Cause Eating Disorders: Does My Fitness Pal Cause Eating Disorders? | Anti-Diet Answers (bingeeatingdietitian.com)BBC Article on Calorie Counting Apps & Eating Disorders: Calorie counting apps 'can exacerbate eating disorders' - BBC NewsRead more about me: About Me | Anti-Diet Answers (bingeeatingdietitian.com)Disclaimer For Any Information Shared on This Podcast, My Instagram & Website: Disclaimer | Anti-Diet Answers (bingeeatingdietitian.com)Follow me on Instagram!: Jo 🇮🇪 Binge Eating Dietitian (@binge.eating.dietitian) • Instagram photos and videosSend me an e-mail: jo@antidietanswers.com
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