17 minutes | Nov 27, 2020

BEST Advice For Overcoming Binge Eating

Time to discuss the best advice for overcoming binge eating. Amidst all the harmful advice about how to stop bingeing, there are some glimmers of helpful tips. Of course, its so important that I don’t minimize the seriousness of your binge eating and overcoming binge eating takes more than listening to a podcast or reading a blog post about 5 top tips. So just wanted to acknowledge that before we get into it, the daily struggles relating to your eating disorder are valid and no one is expecting they will be fixed straight away. Enjoy!30 Second Cereal Box Book Review: Overcoming Binge Eating by Dr. Christopher Fairburn: Overcoming Binge Eating: Second Edition: The Proven Program to Learn Why You Binge and How You Can Stop (guilford.com)The Biology of Binge Eating: The Biology of Binge Eating (nih.gov)Sarah Dosanjh - The Binge Eating Therapist: The Binge Eating Therapist Harriet Frew - The Eating Disorder Therapist: About Harriet Frew (rethinkyourbody.co.uk)Niamh Orbinski - Amazing, Binge Eating Informed Nutritionist - (Ireland Based): Niamh Orbinski | Nutrition | Intuitive Eating | Yoga (nutritionwithniamh.com)Ciara Flood - Registered Dietitian - (Ireland Based): Home | DitchingDietingKatherine Kimber RD - UK Based: Online Dietitian Nutritionist, Helping You Eat Happy | Nude Nutrition (nudenutritionrd.com)More about not labelling foods as good or bad: Labeling Food as Good vs. Bad and How to Ditch It - Nutrition By R.D.Read more about me: About Me | Anti-Diet Answers (bingeeatingdietitian.com)Disclaimer For Any Information Shared on This Podcast, My Instagram & Website: Disclaimer | Anti-Diet Answers (bingeeatingdietitian.com)Follow me on Instagram!: Jo 🇮🇪 Binge Eating Dietitian (@binge.eating.dietitian) • Instagram photos and videosSend me an e-mail: jo@antidietanswers.com
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