93 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

136: Black History Month Spotlight #2 with Phoebe Hagan, Denetra Blackshear, Jourdanne Lee, and Marissa Bell

We are back to continue the celebration with 4 beautiful pros, Denetra Blackshear, Jourdanne Lee, Phoebe Hagan, and Marissa Bell. We open up the conversation with talks about covid. Each of these ladies competed last year and went through their own personal struggles. Who needs more help with their Improvement season??? If you're wondering how quickly you should get back on track or whether or not you should reverse, then tune in because these ladies tell you exactly what they do in their improvement season, from their post show meal all the way up until they have to prep again. Struggling to bring muscle down or not knowing whether you should be lifting heavy or not? Everyone is so different so stick around to hear how each of them approach sculpting their bikini physique. Finally, the ladies open up about their experiences being black in the industry and their goals for 2021. Jourdanne Lee Instagram: @jourdanne__ Denetra Blackshear Instagram: @denetrabfit Marissa Bell instagram: @ifbbpro_marissabell Phoebe Hagan Instagram: @phoebehagan_   LetsGetChecked trylgc.com/bikini use code Bikini20 for 20% off your test!   "Use the code, "Bikinidiaries" for 10% off your purchase at Angel Competition Bikinis and don't forget to order your free sample kit HERE!!! Bikini Stop Store: Merchandise on all things bikini ----->MyBikiniStop Join the Bikini Diaries Facebook Group Bikini Diaries The Highest Quality of competition tanning product protanusa.comUse code bikinidiaries for 20% of your next order   Shoe Fairy: Use code : BikiniDiaries https://shoefairyofficial.com   Check out My Affirmation: myaffirmationfitwear.com Inside of every legging is an affirmation Use Code: bikini diaries for 10% off your next order   Grab your Bikini Diaries Honorary Tee to support the podcast Bikini Diaries Tee HERE     Na'iyma Chew Instagram:@Naiymafit Website: Naiymafit.com Email: Naiymafit@gmail.com Bikini Diaries Podcast Instagram: @bikinidiariespodcast STAGE READY BLUEPRINT Apply  
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