63 minutes | Jan 26th 2021

134: Improving Your Nutrition, Cravings, and Gut Microbiome with Sarah Law

Sarah Law is a business owner, wife, and IFBB Bikini Professional from the UK. She began competing in 2018. She started competing after being dared by a friend of hers and she never looked back. Before diving into the sport Sarah had a background in dance and also struggled with an eating disorder. However this did not hold her back from being successful in the sport. Through her personal development journey she was able to heal her relationship with food and thrive in her competition journey. In this episode we go in depth on cravings; where they come from and ways to manage them. We even emphasize on how the gut can cause cravings. She also shares ways to produce good bacteria in the gut and how she implements balance in her improvement season to stay healthy and fit year round. Key Takeaways It doesn’t matter what your age is, it's about how much work you're willing to put in. How is this going to serve me? What you do the most, matters Do what feels good for you in this season of your life You want competing to be an energy source not a drain Work on the mind before you work on the body Sarah Law  Instagram: @sarahlawuk   LetsGetChecked trylgc.com/bikini use code Bikini20 for 20% off your test!   "Use the code, "Bikinidiaries" for 10% off your purchase at Angel Competition Bikinis and don't forget to order your free sample kit HERE!!! Bikini Stop Store: Merchandise on all things bikini ----->MyBikiniStop Join the Bikini Diaries Facebook Group Bikini Diaries The Highest Quality of competition tanning product protanusa.comUse code bikinidiaries for 20% of your next order   Shoe Fairy: Use code : BikiniDiaries https://shoefairyofficial.com   Check out My Affirmation: myaffirmationfitwear.com Inside of every legging is an affirmation Use Code: bikini diaries for 10% off your next order   Grab your Bikini Diaries Honorary Tee to support the podcast Bikini Diaries Tee HERE     Na'iyma Chew Instagram:@Naiymafit Website: Naiymafit.com Email: Naiymafit@gmail.com Bikini Diaries Podcast Instagram: @bikinidiariespodcast STAGE READY BLUEPRINT Apply  
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