66 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

127: Manifesting Your Way To The Top with Kalene Beeman

Kalene is 25 years old and lives in Houston Texas. She started competing in 2016 and received her pro card in 2019 at NPC Nationals. Kalene went pro after only two shows which is not common in the bodybuilding industry. She has a hunger for self fulfillment.


After her first year competing, she took 3 years off to live life. She began to realize that the life she was living wasn't a life she wanted so she came back to the stage. She had to let go of some relationships and completely change her mindset. 


Her journey led her to manifestation and personal development. With manifestation Kalene uses the skill of speaking her goals into existence as if she has already achieved them so she can accomplish her goals. She goes into more detail of how she does this in the episode and how it has helped her in her career.

Key Takeaways

Take it as a lesson, not a loss

No one changes unless they want to change

Everyday is a learning opportunity

Subconscious journal

Picture yourself as the only one competing that day

Don't lose yourself in the process

Kalene Beeman

Instagram:  @kalenenicole_ifbbpro


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