97 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

122: Bullying is Not Okay with Kaley Houdeyshell

Kaley is 31 from St. Louis Missouri. She is an event manager for a large hotel chain. Shes been competing since 2015 and received her pro card in 2019 at the NPC universe.


Growing up Kaley was severely bullied when she entered highschool. This time in her life was devastating, but Kaley overcame this. To her surprise bullying has returned, but in the sport. Kaley and I dive in to talk about bullying in not only her teen years but in recent events within the industry.


She also shares her journey to her pro card and her experience as a professional. She has developed significantly in the sport and has such a positive outlook on her growth. Does being obsessed in the sport help you or hinder you? Hear what Kaley has to say in this episode.


Furthermore, with the help of her coach and a very positive mindset she didn't let this year with covid stand in her way. Kaley shares all the obstacles she overcame this year.


Key Takeaways

Confidence has no competition

Focus on yourself and be confident in your strengths

Lift everyone up

Don’t beat yourself up

Give yourself time

Be certain and confident 

Kaley Houdyshell


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