59 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

119: Coaching Yourself to Pro with Liana Martinez

Liana Martinez is 29 years old. Her and her fiance own two health clubs in New Jersey. She also does online training and is a clothing brand owner. Growing up Liana played basketball, cross country, and softball.

She has been competing for 6 years and has so much to share about how she evolved in the sport. She actually coached herself through most of her journey. Liana says "I've had two coaches. I took what I learned and continued to grow after that doing it myself"

Her husband was a huge inspiration and mentor during her growth. Liana coached herself to getting her pro card and is now coaching herself in the pro circuit. She shares about how she tracks progress and makes changes to her nutrition and training. She also shares with us about he 2020 year, chasing points to make it the Olympia.


Key Takeaways

  • Never feel like you should be ahead or youre falling behind, everything comes right on time.
  • Throw away the scale
  • You don’t need anybody but yourself
  • When you have a coach, you listen, you learn, and you ask questions
  • Save your meal plans
  • Sometimes when you switch things up, the judges forget who you are
  • You're the only one who is holding you back from anything you want to accomplish

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