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The Curse of Camelot - Robert

The death of Robert (Bobby) Kennedy came just a few short months after America lost Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and America was devastated.  But, was the death of RFK as cut and dry as it seemed?  There are a whole lot of people who didn't think so...

Marry Ferrell Foundation.  The Robert Kennedy Assassination.  Robert Kennedy Assassination (maryferrell.org)

FBI Vault.  FOIA.  Robert F Kennedy (Assassination) Part 1 of 3.  FBI Records: The Vault — Robert F Kennedy (Assassination) Part 1 of 3

Robert F. Kennedy.  A Brief Biography.  Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.  2021. 

Robert F Kennedy Biography| RFK Human Rights - Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Iowa PBS.  American Experience.  RFK’s Enemies. 

RFK's Enemies | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.  The Bay of Pigs.  JFK in History.

The Bay of Pigs | JFK Library

Click on Detroit.  Remembering Robert Kennedy’s Feud with Teamsters Boss Jimmy Hoffa.  Ken Haddad.  June 6, 2018.  Remembering Robert Kennedy's feud with Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa (clickondetroit.com)

The New Yorker.  Robert Kennedy Without Tears.  Adam Gopnik.  June 6th, 2018.  Robert Kennedy Without Tears | The New Yorker

BBC News.  US and Canada.  Sirhan Sirhan:  Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassin Stabbed in Prison.  August 31, 2019.  Sirhan Sirhan: Robert F Kennedy's assassin stabbed in prison - BBC News

Sound from Leo McElroy Eyewitness News Channel 7 obtained via Digital Archives from the University of Massachusetts. Description: Audio excerpts of Los Angeles Channel 7 and Channel 4 evening news featuring lawyer Vincent Bugliosi speaking at a press conference where he and Paul Schrade introduce evidence of a ninth and tenth bullet found at the scene of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, who was killed June 6, 1968. There is also an interview of Police Chief Ed Davis, by reporter Leo McGilroy. Collected for the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives at UMass Dartmouth.

RFKRFK AssassinationRobert F. KennedyUMass DartmouthSMU

  Vincent Bugliosi on the RFK assassination investigation, 1975, December 4, MC1.s5.56 by UMassD Digital Archives | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Fernando Faura Press Conference on the RFK Assassination, 1971.  MC1.s5.53.  UMassD Digital Archives.  Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (exlibrisgroup.com)

Partial Interview with Thomas F. Kranz by Larry Attebery.  KTTV Television Station.  Los Angeles, Calif.  Partial interview with Thomas F. Kranz by Larry Attebery - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (exlibrisgroup.com)

Covert Geopolitics.  The Blatant Conspiracy Behind Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination.  June 13th, 2020.  Edward Curtin.  The Blatant Conspiracy behind Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination | Covert Geopolitics

Oral History Interview with Frank J. Burns by Philip Melanson, 1987 October 24 and 29, MC1.s5.112. UMassD Digital Archives.  Oral history interview with Frank J. Burns as a witness to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, 1987 October 24 and 29 - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (exlibrisgroup.com)

History.  This Day in History.  Robert F. Kennedy is Fatally Shot.  June 5 1968.  Bill Eppridge. 

Writings and Art.  The Poster Boy for Loitering and Intrigue: Part Two.  May 10, 2014.  Michael Wayne: Part 2 (writingsandart.com)

Boston.com.  Bobby Kennedy’s Son Thinks he was Killed by a Second Shooter.  Is there Anything to it?  Nik DeCosta-Klipa.  May 31, 2018.  Was Bobby Kennedy assassinated by a second shooter? Here's what we know | Boston.com

The Mob Museaum.  CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys- October.  Blog.  June 23rd, 2015.  Patrick Nolan.  CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys-October 14 | The Mob Museum

Handwritten Notes By Robert F. Kennedy Assassin Sirhan Sirhan Shed new Light on Killer.  April 7, 2011.  L.A. Times.  Bob Pool.  Handwritten notes by Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan shed new light on killer | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

The Washington Post.  Retropolis.  Who Killed Bobby Kennedy?  His Son RFK Jr. Doesn’t Believe it was Sirhan Sirhan.  Tom Jackman.  June 5, 2018.  Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn't believe it was Sirhan Sirhan. - The Washington Post

Irish Central.  RFK Jr. is not Convinced Sirhan Sirhan Killed his Father.  Irish Central Staff.  September 13, 2019.  RFK Jr thinks Thane Eugene Cesar may have killed his father (irishcentral.com)

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