53 minutes | Sep 28th 2015

BWN 065: Chris Ducker, How to stop trading dollars for hours

In this edition of BWN, I speak with outsourcing ROCKSTAR, Chris Ducker. Chris breaks down exactly how he has been able to build a multiple 7 figure business by leveraging the power of outsourcing. He also shares some of the many different tasks a VA can do, how to find the “right” person/people for the job and the single BIGGEST mistake so many people make when hiring…and how to avoid it! As an entrepreneur, we sometimes forget why we became entrepreneurs to begin with (freedom). The “hustle and grind” mentality imo is bullshit and only leads to burnout among many other problems. "Work smarter not harder" is not just a catchy phrase. It should apply to you in your business and this episode will help you on your way. Have you signed up for the BigWig Nation Newsletter yet? Sign up at www.bigwignation.com and join the loyal nation of Big Wig's everywhere! There's strength in numbers. Let's do this!
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