14 minutes | Jun 5, 2020

Art Exhibit

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! True Stories from around the worldThis Episode: Art can sometimes play tricks on the mind thanks to optical illusions, although rarely does this kind of art put anyone in real danger.JOKES;1) Custer's Last Stand2) Nude Portrait3) Lost Eyesight4) Stealing From the LouvreSome Weird Vocals between each song. This is for fun and entertainment. Nothing is too serious here. We feature odd news. This humor could be funny, I hope. Kookie, Flaky, Freaky, Goofy, and Wacko. STOP beware you may or may NOT find this funny, it totally up to you.So relax sit back and bring it on. Get ready for the incredible even unbelievable wacky odd news channel. 
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