41 minutes | May 16th 2020

Part One: When Schools Overshare – COPPA Law and Your Child’s Privacy

Episode Highlights

In an effort to increase student and community engagement, schools may accidentally be putting student’s privacy and data at risk when using social media and livestreaming apps. In this internet safety podcast you will hear 

  • the hardest part of travelling all over the US to work as an Internet Safety Speaker for schools
  • why Big Mama thinks that Guidance Counselors are the unsung heroes of all K-12 buildings
  • why you’re a chump if you buy $100 yoga pants
  • the reality of what’s happening in schools across this country
  • an ode to educators everywhere
  • how COPPA and CIPA laws are being accidentally disregarded
  • how your children are being put at risk as a result
  • an interview with the amazing Amanda Clapp, Esq – in-house counsel at Neola.com – a firm which specializes in helping navigate, write, and maintain legal school policy for over 1500 school districts in 6 states
  • Big Mama cries like a giant dork (13:17)


Mentioned in the episode

Amanda Clapp, Esq
In-house Counsel Neola.com - - a firm which specializes in helping schools navigate legal policy for over 1,500 school districts in 6 states. 

NEOLA- 3914 Clock Pointe Trail, Suite 103 - Stow, OH 44224
Phone: (330) 926-0514