38 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

The Curse of Smol Jotham

Sometimes a singular event sparks a chain reaction of change. In this episode, we're returning to Judges to visit the story of Abimelech, young passionate Jotham, murder, and the nameless woman who saved the day.As per every year, Bibleish will be on hiatus for July for our SUMMER BREAK!This year, we will be spending our time creating content and new ideas per usual, and we'll also be working on ways we can incorporate anti-racism work into our platform on an ongoing basis. We urge all of our listeners to consider what YOU can do on an ongoing basis to further this incredibly necessary and long overdue work. We'll see you in August!SUPPORT THE SHOW ONPatreonInstagramFacebookSupport the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
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