77 minutes | Dec 13th 2020

Dude, Part 4: Moses' Last Stand

From baby in a basket to one of the greatest Bible characters ever: is Moses about to finally see his people to the Promised Land? Well, per NO ONE'S last e-mail, God has a new plan. In the final days of Moses' epic story, we pay tribute to this tireless leader, introduce you to his successor, and feature our very first custom-made song by the incredible Shelly Yosha, whose rendition of the Song of Moses will give you chills.FIND MORE OF SHELLY'S MUSIC right here on Spotify.SUPPORT BIBLEISH ONPatreonInstagramFacebookLOVE THE SHOW? PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEWBecause we legit love hearing what you have to share.Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/bibleishpodcast)
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