60 minutes | Oct 10, 2019

#137 The Knit Vibe with Vickie Howell

What does knitting and crochet do for you?This year has taken me on a journey of discovering my place in the community and figuring out how my strengths and values can enrich someone's life. Although knitting and crochet affects many areas of my life, at it's core, the process is what fuels me the most. Yarn does more for me than just make a pretty thing.That has become a mantra for me and you'll hear me say it more and more as B.Hooked grows and develops over the next year. Until recently, I haven't been able to put my finger on how I came to this realization. That is until I started reading Vickie Howell's new book, The Knit Vibe.She's on the show today to talk about that, what's in the book and so much more. About The BHooked PodcastBrittany's primary goal is to inspire you and help you grow in your craft with The BHooked Podcast. Through her own stories and the stories of each special guest, you'll discover tips and tricks to improve your crochet and knitting skills and find inspiration to achieve your hobby goals. When you want to kick back and learn from yarn industry experts, grab some yarn and turn on The BHooked Podcast. There's never a shortage of all things crochet, knitting or yarn.Support the Show on Patreon | You decide what the show is worth to you.
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