83 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Resident Evil Vs Silent Hill (Featuring Melanie H Photography)

After a brief break to patch our wounds and recover we have decided to start our second season! Kicking us off Tom and Brian go head to head with an intense debate of what is the greatest horror franchise between Silent Hill and Resident Evil? Tom takes the side of Silent Hill, diving into the games and movies and what sets it apart in the genre, while Brian defends Resident Evil. Mel from Melanie H Photography sifts through our nonsense to declare a victor. Do you agree with the ruling? Is there anything you would add to the debate? Let us know! Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Bheromedia.com Join us on discord! There you can banter with us, debated pop culture topics with us, get the latest and greatest memes and cosplay, and hang out with our friends over at ShowBoys Podcast!   You can also find Mel at Instagram
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