52 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Best food for the munchies! (Featuring Fear from The World According to Fear and MDI)

When you get the munchies, be it from marijuana, alcohol, the runners high, too long without eating, or what have you, what do you do for them? Joining us for the first time this week is Fear, an advocate for marijuana and media host. We swap stories of snacks come and demolished, then he and Brian duke it out to decide, what is the best thing for the munchies? Tom adds his two cents and mediates the fight. Do you agree with the results? What do you eat? Tell us! Facebook.com/bheromedia Instagram.com/bheromedia Twitter.com/bherofights Bheromedia.com   Don't forget to check out Fear! https://linktr.ee/FearAndMDI
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