26 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Liz Dimmock, Moving Ahead Founder & CEO, Leader, Global Pioneer

Moving Ahead founder & CEO Liz Dimmock has been working in the fields of consultancy, coaching and mentoring for the last 16 years in businesses ranging from 30 employees to 330,000. Having held both commercial, coaching and leadership roles at IMG, KPMG, HSBC (Global Head of Coaching), and GP Strategies (Managing Partner). In 2012 Liz cycled the entire route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the men’s race, matching them stage for stage, riding 3,479kms in 21 days. This journey highlighted the inequalities in the sport she loves; the fact that there is no women’s Tour de France (despite the clear physiological ability of women to complete it) was a driving factor in the creation of Moving Ahead.Moving Ahead currently represents the opportunity to make a difference in a space that needs change, and an opportunity to draw on founder Liz Dimmock's passions, subject-matter expertise and experience. It also represents a fantastic opportunity to bring together this exciting team who are global experts in their respective fields.
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