20 minutes | Dec 23rd 2019

038 - How to move from self-pity to becoming unstoppable with Tracey McCann

It is truly inspiring to have had the honor to interview Tracey McCann a person that has overcome Dystonia which is a disease that paralyses the muscles in your body, Tracey exemplifies a person of courage and resilience with her positivity and mindset; she can’t speak do to her muscles having paralyzed her throat, never the less she has manage to become a TedX speaker and bestselling author on amazon, I was totally moved by her inner strength which I feel is a great example of life for those of us who struggle from ocular illness, to me Tracey proved that no matter our circumstances we can make the best out of any situation and grow from any obstacles. This interview humbled me and taught me so much that I decided to give it as my Christmas gift for team Beyond Blindness publishing December the 24th 2019 so that we can learn from her and take this as our example for the upcoming year 2020.

On this episode you will learn three things:

  1. How to move from being a victim to a super hero.
  2. How to find courage to rice above any limitation.
  3. Find out which characteristics you should look within the people that surround you.

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