60 minutes | Dec 17th 2019

Ep 48. Guest Dr. Diana Driscoll on a Unique Approach to Treating Chronic Illness and POTS Patients

After becoming incredibly sick with POTS herself, Dr. Diana worked to find the root cause and treat not only herself but her patients. Dr. Diana has discovered a unique approach to treating POTS patients (hint: it’s not all about the vagus nerve!) and the information in this episode may just blow your mind. She’s developed her own supplement line to help treat POTS and chronic illness patients. Dr. Diana Driscoll runs POTS Care in Texas and works hard to help others with chronic illness heal. She is constantly staying on top of the latest research and completing research herself to learn more about how to aid patient healing.Websites:To order Parasym PlusTM:https://vagusnervesupport.com/vagus-nerve-support-parasym-plus/To order products all discussed on this podcast:https://vagusnervesupport.com/?rfsn=3149080.a87362**Use beyond10 for 10% off of all supplements at check out**Clinic: www.POTSCare.comThe only clinic dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS -- not just the symptoms.Social Media:https://www.facebook.com/potscarehttps://www.facebook.com/ParasymPlusGet in touch by emailing us at beyondyourdiagnosis@gmail.com or messaging us on Instagram @beyondyourdiagnosis. Send us any questions, comments, or episode topics you’d like us to address. You can find Victoria on Instagram @lemonsnlyme @theinfluencehealth and Derek at @chronicloveclub
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