54 minutes | Feb 20, 2021

109. WDBOMT about the message for the welfare of souls

Lehi finishes his dialogue before he dies to his son Jacob,  by stating his great concern is for the welfare of his soul.   Later Jacob is grown and starts out his address to the peopleof Nephi  with the same language.  He has great concern about the welfare of their souls.  We discuss this message that is so important for our souls. In our series on what the Book of Mormon teaches, we are looking at the actual message contained therein.   The message of Jesus Christ the Eternal God and His power to save.   We believe that message contained in this book will help people truly "know Him" as He is.   To convince all peoples He is "The Christ".   And He is "Mighty to Save".PODCAST SHOW NOTEShttp://www.restoredgospel.com/podcastlinks/RGPLinks.phpScripture Search and Study http://www.restoredgospel.comYOUTUBE CHANNELhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3v2iOr5b0MasXxThxGFGiAThe Bible Project https://bibleproject.comContact us with comments or questions at:http://restoredgospelpodcast@gmail.comOr communicate with us on our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Restored-Gospel-Podcast-474436583303504/?modal=admin_todo_tour
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