41 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

What You Speak Over Your Spouse Matters

What you speak over your spouse matters. It's what gets you through the valleys, struggles, and plateaus of your marriage relationship.

You may be familiar with the old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." It was often the advice given to console those who were bullied through taunting, brought to the edge, or past the edge, of anger. 

Hip Hop Harry probably had it right though, "Words have power! Words have power!" They really do.

Throughout history, words have been used to garner excitement, encourage those who are hurting, inspire, and even rally hate.

If you are married, chances are words were spoken at a ceremony in the form of vows. Words probably even led up to you connecting with your spouse for that first date, the second, and even the proposal if we go far enough back in time. Words got you into your marriage. Words will either make or break your marriage going forward.

This episode will take the time to explore how your words have an impact on your spouse, how to assess the words you are speaking over your spouse, and considerations to make a change going forward.

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