51 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Meg Glesener on the Secret to 31 Years of a Healthy Marriage

Podcaster Meg Glesener of Letters from Home shares her insights on 31 years of a happy, healthy marriage.

About Meg Glesener from Letters from Home Podcast
Meg is a mother of eight children living in the state of Washington where she is married to her husband, Mike. Their 31 years of marriage can be chalked up as happy years. They have had their ups and downs as anyone else does, but they have also held firm to some guidelines or principles that have kept them going strong all these years. If you think raising one or two children is challenging, Mike and Meg took on eight and without the backing of a TLC television show!

Here is the thing that blew our minds on the Beyond the Rut team. We recorded our interview with Meg right after we recorded the 4-part marriage series. Meg was not aware of these episodes, nor their content. So many parts of her story echoed the tips we shared in those four episodes! At the end of our time, she humbly shared that she just hoped her message would help someone else out there. We simply replied, “You have no idea!”

We hope you enjoy this episode about healthy marriages. Know that marriage is not a sprint, it’s not simply a wedding day. Think of it as a journey. Marriage is a life-long commitment to each other, and your marriage can leave a legacy that is greater than yourselves.

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