39 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

3 Hacks to Master Change at Work with Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Michael Diettrich-Chastain, executive coach and founder of Arc Integrated, discusses 3 hacks to help you master change at work drawing from his experience and knowledge in psychotherapy.Your Response to ChangeChange is constant, and change can be traumatic for people. Resistance to it often comes from a sense of loss, fear of the unknown, and adhering to our comfort zones.There is a physiological reaction to the stresses that come with change and crisis. If left unchecked, those reactions can lead us to oblivion with damaged work relationships, ruined trust, and diminished results.Knowing how we react to stress helps us slow down and respond to it with leadership expertise. The end result is increased trust, more buy-in, and thriving results through change.You’ll hear about Michael’s background in psychotherapy and how he has applied it to leadership development, team building, and change management. We will cover the “Three R’s” from Diettrich-Chastain’s book Changes on how to respond to change rather than react to it. In other words, how to become a master over change rather than a victim of it.Who is Michael Diettrich-Chastain?Michael Diettrich Chastain LPC, is an author, speaker, professional coach, and consultant dedicated to peak performance.As a leadership coach, Michael has helped organizational leaders and teams become more effective on how to respond to change. Skills include recognizing when and how to inspire others to embrace change through a sense of ownership.Michael has facilitated training events internationally on leadership, team building, communication, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, self-care, and other topics.Fun Fact: Michael has studied eastern martial arts for more than a decade, and often incorporates philosophies from his experience helping others learn to respond rather than react when facing change and crisis.See the rest of the show notes at BeyondTheRut.com/249.Listen to these past episodes of Beyond the RutLlama Lounge Leadership Lessons from Two Military Careers – BtR 212How Leaders Overcoming Adversity Builds Authentic Leadership – BtR 168Paresh Shah on How to Be a Better Leader through Lifter Leadership – BtR 162Dan Cockerell’s 27 Years of Leadership Lessons Working for Disney – BtR 147Lisa Reynolds on Leading Through Relationships – BtR 075Connect with UsTwitter @beyondtherutFacebook Beyond the RutEmail info@beyondtherut.comEpisode CreditsGuest Host: Katina Stith, host of TrueIdentity.Life podcastCo-Host, Editing, and Production: Jerry DuganMusic: “Oceans Apart” is our theme song composed and performed by Scott Ian Holmes.Most people aim for nothing in life and hit it with amazing accuracy. Measure It to Make It is a tool to help you identify what matters most in y our life and create the action steps to turn that dream into a reality. Go to BeyondTheRut.com/goals to download this free tool and make your own path beyond the rut today.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/beyondtherut)
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