56 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Ep 97: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Economy and CRNA Retirements

Jeremy and Sharon had a chance to speak at the 2020 NCANA/SCANA Virtual Meetings about the impact COVID-19 on CRNAs and their financial security. They’ll provide some eye-opening stats about the economy overall from the past six months and share the direct effect it’s had on CRNAs. But don’t fret, there will also be guidance on what you can be doing to get your financial future in order. Hear that full presentation on this episode.


Read more and get additional resources here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/ep-97-how-covid-19-has-affected-the-economy-and-crna-retirements/2679/ 


Get the CE certificate here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Beyond-the-Mask-CE-Cert-FILLABLE.pdf


What we discuss on this show: 

3:05 – Background on where we’re recording and what we’re talking about.

5:09 – How much will the average CRNA make over their lifetime?

6:44 – The impact of COVID on the economy

9:59 – Consumer spending

13:37 – This is different than 2008.

15:12 – Taxes

19:00 – What is GDP?

20:24 – Healthcare changes

26:19 – CRNA work during the pandemic

33:05 – Worries for people nearing retirement.

36:09 – We’re seeing people look to retire earlier than planned.

39:30 – What can CRNAs do to improve their financial situation?

44:13 – How can I make my portfolio pandemic-proof?

46:55 – Thoughts on the continuing rise in CRNA salaries.

49:32  – What could the government do differently?

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