39 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

Ep 92: Substance Use Disorders In Anesthesia Providers With Jack Stem

Substance use can’t be treated without open communication and discussion and that’s what we want to do on this episode. Jack Stem, Peer Assistance Advisor for Ohio, joins the show to share his own personal battle with addiction and how he’s dedicated much of his life to helping others with the same struggles. Find out what you need to know about substance use, why our profession is more vulnerable, and what you can do if someone you know is dealing with an SUD.


Read more on this episode here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/ep-92-substance-use-disorders-in-anesthesia-providers-with-jack-stem/2619/ 


About our guest: http://www.peerassistance.jackstem.com/ 


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What we discuss: 

1:42 – Welcome in Jack Stem

2:03 – Background on Jack and what we’re talking about.

4:43 – Jeremy remembers his first kidney stone. 

6:13 – Is this a genetic-based disease?

9:15 – A study that shows why our profession has a higher rate of addiction. 

10:41 – Medications

14:10 – Jack shares his overdose story.

15:50 – Behaviors to look for

16:50 – What to do if you suspect a peer has a problem.

19:41 – Ways people hide the substance abuse?

22:14 – Peer assistance resources available to you.

24:15 – What happens when someone gets caught diverting?

27:49 – Advice for people returning to work after substance use.

31:06 – Contact info

32:32 – Final thoughts from Jack

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