44 minutes | Dec 17th 2020

Ep 107: Mrs. Georgia American Using Her Platform for CRNA Awareness and Support for Healthcare Workers

None of us will soon forget this year, but 2020 has been especially life-changing for Christen Roberts, CRNA. Over the past year she’s created Bambu bracelets to support healthcare workers across the country and became the first Mrs. Georgia American. Both platforms have given her an opportunity to increase awareness for the CRNA profession and she joins us to tell us about this amazing journey.  


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About our guest: https://bambustrong.com/ 


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What we discuss on this show: 

2:38 – Welcome in Christen Roberts, CRNA and Mrs. Georgia American

6:50 – Her background as a CRNA

9:12 – Anesthesia school

13:06 – Why this topic is important to her

15:00 – How the idea for bracelets came to be

18:40 – Financial challenges for 1099 employees  

20:52 – Why she competed for Mrs. Georgia American

23:16 – How she’s using her platforms to bring awareness to the CRNA profession  

25:09 – The upcoming national pageant  

26:18 – Explaining what CRNAs do

28:53 – Their goals for the bracelets and how to get one

31:17 – How they socially distanced at the pageant

33:04 – Her favorite word

34:26 – Is your Christmas tree up?

35:33 – A final message from Christen

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