43 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Ep 106: The Impact of COVID 19 on Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs with Erin Martin, CRNA, DNP

The wide-ranging effects of COVID on the healthcare system have been well-documented, but what impact is this pandemic having on nurse anesthesia students and educational programs? Erin Martin, CRNA, DNP, is the Program Director at the Mayo Nurse Anesthesia Program and has seen the changes first-hand. She joins the show to share her experience this year and tell us what it could mean for the future of the profession.


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What we discuss on this show: 

2:33 – Welcome in Erin Martin 

3:52 – Why this is an important topic

5:27 – Program admissions

8:27 – What’s been the biggest challenge?

10:20 – Dealing with the lack of PPE

12:31 – How she helped students on the mental health side

16:06 – Repercussions for being out of clinical for six weeks

21:21 – Experiences that students are missing out on 

26:13 – New students haven’t ever been in a room together

29:26 – What happens after this all stops?

31:31 – What would you tell someone thinking about applying to an anesthesia program?

34:53 – Showing empathy to these students 

37:37 – Final message from Erin 

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