39 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Ep 105: Nursing, Policy and Politics with Minnesota State Senator Erin Murphy, RN

As we’ve learned in 2020, having more nurses in leadership and decision-making positions would benefit the entire country greatly. One nurse that’s embracing their power to bring change is Erin Murphy, RN. After years in the nursing profession, she transitioned into politics 15 years ago and served as a state representative for more than a decade, became the first nurse to run for governor, and recently became a Minnesota State Senator in 2020. Listen as she shares her experience, the role of nurses in politics, and her ideas for getting more people involved.


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About our guest: https://www.murphyfor64.com/ 


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What we discuss on this show: 

1:49 – Welcome in, Erin

2:52 – Background on Erin

5:00 – Her experience in politics

9:42 – Door knocking on the campaign trail

13:21 – Balancing work and politics

17:42 – Her experience running for governor

21:41 – How can nurses get past the negatives and want to run for office?

25:51 – What would the pandemic looked like if a nurse was in charge?

28:10 – We need more nurses in public office

32:33 – Final message to nurses

34:00 – Sharon’s biggest takeaway from this conversation

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