50 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

Ep 104: How Ira Gunn Shaped Nurse Anesthesia Through Service, Education & Advocacy

Few people had an impact on nursing and the nurse anesthesia profession like Ira P. Gunn, CRNA, MLN, FAAN. Widely regarded as a visionary in the profession, Gunn’s legacy lives on through many different capacities. To help us better understand her life and accomplishments, Nancy Bruton-Maree and Sandy Ouellette join us to share what they know about Gunn and what they learned from working with her.


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What we discuss on this show:

2:53 – Nancy and Sandy joining us again in studio

3:30 – Today we’re talking about Ira Gunn

4:35 – Background on Ira Gunn and her early years

8:02 – Developing her life mission and vision

10:14 – Her career in the military

14:48 – Dr. Weeks served under Ira Gunn

17:03 – Her many gifts to nursing and nurse anesthesia profession

23:52 – Nancy tells a story about a time Ira saved her

27:25 – Awards and honors she received

28:54 – How was she viewed by her professional friends?

35:29 – What beliefs did she instill us that still has relevance today?

40:15 – Final Thoughts on Ira

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