60 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

Ep 102: What Does Gen X, Y, and Me Believe is the Future of Nurse Anesthesia Profession?

While the CRNA profession continues to remain steady and strong, we’re at a critical point in time if things are going to stay that way. What can be done to motivate and engage the younger generations of CRNAs to be active and involved? We put together a panel for the CANA to discuss the future of the profession and its organizations.


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What we discuss on this show:

2:08 – Today we’re recording for the CANA with some special guests

4:44 – Different generations

6:07 – What will take to move the profession forward?

8:02 – Building on the foundation that’s been laid

10:31 – Will it take a threat to a profession to get CRNAs to become engaged? 

16:11 – Why did you feel compelled to join the AANA?

19:16 – Going through the program with children

20:58 – How to move our profession forward? 

23:07 – What’s the solution to public awareness problem?

26:49 – How do you feel about the name change to anesthesiologists? 

30:22 – Any pushback from physician anesthesiologists?

33:45 – How important is it to have a unified front on this issue?

36:51 – Ways to attract younger generations to the AANA

42:20 – Should business background be more of a priority during training?

45:09 – The role of social media

49:06 – Final thoughts from each of our guests 

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