72 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Ep 100: Driving Innovation & Technology in Healthcare with Shawna Butler, RN, MBA

We’re celebrating 100 episodes with a fascinating look to the future of health. Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, has been leading the charge towards merging clinical care, technology, and sustainable business models and much of that conversation centers around the true value of nurses. Join us as we learn all about the work and research Butler has been doing, where the industry is headed from a technology standpoint, and what needs to be done to continue moving our profession forward. This show is going to be a celebration and a reflection on an exciting first 100 episodes, and we also have a special message to share with Sharon and Jeremy.


Read more about the show here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/ep-100-driving-innovation-technology-in-healthcare-with-shawna-butler-rn-mba/2694/ 


Get the CE certificate here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Beyond-the-Mask-CE-Cert-FILLABLE.pdf


What we discuss on this episode:

0:36 – Celebrating 100 episodes with a surprise

6:36 – Sharon & Jeremy look back on 100 episodes

8:38 – Welcoming in our guest today

9:29 – Background on Butler’s health and tech background

12:27 – Money is the root of many issues

14:57 – We don’t quantify nursing

22:24 – What her podcast is all about

30:22 – How to get policy changes to push nurses forward

35:38 – Examples of what nurses are doing now to innovate

41:58 – How is technology changing nursing? 

49:07 – Changing the way nurses view the problems we face.

55:11 – How to get nurses the business training to become an entrepreneur

1:02:03 – A 100th episode request for Butler

1:03:33 – What does the future hold for the podcast?

1:07:27 – A final, inspirational message from Butler

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