1 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

Holiday Break

On today’s show...well, we don’t have a show today. Because of the upcoming holidays, I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break. Catch up on some editing, bank some future interviews, and also just take things easy.   I am so excited for what the new year will bring. I have several episodes waiting to be shared, and many more scheduled in the coming weeks. People are doing cool things out there and I feel so very lucky that so many have spent their time with me over the last five months.  New episodes will begin again on Jan. 11th, so use this free time to catch-up on past ones. There are twenty, yes, TWENTY previous episodes to check out that I promise you don’t want to miss. I’ll still be on the socials during the coming weeks so be sure to like, tweet, message me, whatever, in the meantime.  And with that, Happy Holidays everyone (if you celebrate) and I’ll catch ya in 2021!
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