50 minutes | Apr 12th 2021

34. NAVI - Artistic Lead at Flying V

On today's show I speak with navi, an Artistic Lead at Flying V theater in Washington DC.  We discuss their background in music and how that lead them to theater through the Capital Fringe Festival, what the DC theater scene is like, the definition of "nerdcore" in terms of music, and what it means to be the Artistic Lead of the R&D department for a theater. For a full transcript of this episode visit beyondthelightspodcast.com.Mentioned in this Episode[00:02:53] Capital Fringe Festival[00:04:19] Pointless Theater Company[00:04:24] Flying V[00:14:34] Synetic Theater Company[00:25:02] Doom Remix[00:27:26] Nerdcore Music Competition [00:27:42] Naveed 19[00:37:38] Paperless Pulp[00:45:34] Gallaudet University Follow naviFacebookInstagramBand CampFollow Flying VWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramFollow Beyond the LightsWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
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