45 minutes | Mar 8th 2021

29. GUY KWAN - Broadway Production Manager

Guy Kwan is a Broadway Production Manager with Juniper Street Productions. His current shows include Come From Away, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Moulin Rouge.  Guy walks me through his early start with Mirvish Productions in Canada, how he eventually made his way to Broadway, and exactly when he becomes involved with a Broadway show.  I learned SO MUCH from our conversation about the role a production manager and technical director truly plays on a production.For a full transcript of today's episode go to beyondthelightspodcast.com.Mentioned in this Episode[00:00:52] Juniper Street Productions [00:04:20] Mirvish Productions [00:34:20] Come From Away Concert in NewfoundlandFollow Beyond the LightsWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
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