56 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

25. MIGDALIA CRUZ - Playwright

On today’s show, I speak with playwright Migdalia Cruz. You may remember Elisa Bocanegra mentioning Migdalia in episode 18 for her work on María Irene Fornés’ documentary. We discuss her experience working with María Irene Fornés, how she helped Migdalia uncover her true playwrighting voice in a way that Columbia was unable to do, as well as her current project turning her translation of Macbeth into a podcast. I loved speaking with Migdalia about all of this as well as her early life writing plays.For a full transcript of today's episode go to beyondthelightspodcast.com.Mentioned in this Episode[00:02:39] Bil Baird Marionettes[00:08:22] INTAR[00:26:41] Oregon Shakespeare Festival[00:27:08] Next Chapter Podcast[00:28:05] The Play On! Festival[00:33:26] African-American Shakespeare Company[00:33:31] Actors Shakespeare Project [00:41:00] Northern Broadsides[00:44:07] Wooster Group - HAMLETMore about Migdalia2020-21 projects:  Macbeth, Summer 2021 @Theatre SpaceNE in Sunderland, England.Teaching playwriting at Princeton University and the Actors’ Center, Spring 2021Co-chair of the 2019-2021 DGF’s Playwriting Fellows with Lucy Thurber.Commission from Clubbed Thumb & NYSCA for FISHTANK.Publications: Her translations of MACBETH and RICHARD III to be published by Arizona State University and The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 2021; and her essay It’s Free on Wednesdays was included in “Theater Artists Making Theatre With No Theater," by Tripwire Harlot Press, eds., Spring, 2020.During the Summer & Fall of  2020, she made five pieces for the theater: Macaque Nightmares, with James Martinez, and Dreamy Fields, with Ephraim López, for HERO Theatre’s HEROVotes! project; Looking-glass for Planet Connections in the evening “Love & Kindness in The Time of Quarantine,” directed by Regina Taylor, featuring Zabryna Guevara;  Meat and Other Broken Promises, with Marquise Vilsón Balenciaga, for The Homebound Project, 4th Edition, directed by Cándido Tirado; and in November 2020, she collaborated with the composer Cristian Amigo, for a live, geo-located theatre/sound piece in Battery Park, NY with INTAR Theater, Lives Of The New Kind Of Saints: a blessing/prayer for the essential workers guided by orishas, saints and angels, available on the ECHOES app.For more info on María Irene Fornés visit The Fornés Institute.Follow MigdaliaWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramFollow Beyond the LightsWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
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