58 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

18. ELISA BOCANEGRA - Artistic Director of Hero Theatre

Elisa Bocanegra is the Producing Artistic Director of Hero Theatre in Los Angeles. Elisa began acting at the age of 17 with the famous Puerto Rican Traveling Theater Company in New York. After years of pursuing an acting career in film, tv, regional theatres, and off-Broadway productions, a backstage conversation with her mentor Olympia Dukakis led Elisa to create Hero Theatre. We talk about everything that led up to that moment, what has since followed, and why she has no desire to return to institutional theater in its current state. For a full transcript of today's episode visit beyondthelightspodcast.com.Mentioned in this Episode[00:00:19] Hero Theatre [00:02:05] Theater Communications Group [00:02:10] Oregon Shakespeare Festival [00:04:01] María Irene Fornés [00:04:39] The Rest I Makeup – María Irene Fornés Documentary [00:04:52] Intar Theater [00:05:54] Puerto Rican Traveling Theater Company [00:06:30] LA Stage Alliance [00:08:46] Crossroads Theater[00:16:49] Inner-City Arts  [00:20:06] Downtown Women's Center[00:20:07] East LA Women’s Shelter [00:20:09] Alexandria House [00:23:31] Troy review by Tracey Paleo Follow Hero TheatreWebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramFollow Beyond the LightsFacebookTwitterInstagram
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