20 minutes | Nov 1, 2017

#16 | On Uranium One, the Misery Filter, and Sex Object

Follow us on Twitter: @PatrickFO & @mikeskinnner On this week’s Beyond the Lede, Patrick goes solo. He covers the scandal, or pseudo-scandal, that is Uranium One and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He then muses upon an opinion piece that he really liked this weekend by The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat titled “the Misery Filter.” In the “Backpages” he recommends a book called Sex Object by Jessica Valenti. Resources and recommendations: “Unpacking Uranium One: Hype and Law,” by Paul Rosenzweig, Lawfareblog.com (October 27, 2017). “Foreign Investment and U.S. National Security,” by Jonathan Masters, and James McBride, CFR.org (December 14, 2016). “The Misery Filter,” by Ross Douthat, NYTimes.com (October 28, 2017). Sex Object: A Memoir (2016) by Jessica Valenti Image Credit:
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