51 minutes | Oct 11, 2017

#13 | A Civil Discussion About Guns. Also: Puerto Rico, Secretary Rex, & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In “the Lede,” we get into the recent mass shooting in America. This time it was on Las Vegas. We get into the politics and policy of gun control and the 2nd Amendment. Then, we have a conversation about Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico. We get into the rebuilding of the island and President Trump’s response and handling of the situation. Finally, we briefly muse about rather or not Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will leave anytime soon. In “Beyond The Lede,” we do a joint segment on a recent conversation held by the great Jordan Peterson and the brilliant Camile Paglia. In “the Backpages, we get into our weekly recommendations. References and recommendations: “A Deathly Silence.” TheEconomist.com (October 5, 2017). YouTube channel: Jordan B. Peterson, “Modern Times: Camile Paglia and Jordan Peterson” (October 2, 2017). Underoath – Define the Great Line (2006) Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution (2014), by John Paul Stevens Image Credit: The Federalist
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